Monday, May 31, 2010

Are the Miracles of the Bible Real?

One of the things that I most often hear from skeptics is that they just can't accept the miracles found in the Bible. Miracles can sometimes be a real obstacle in acceptance of the truth found in the Gospel message because doing so often comes down to acceptance of the possibility of miracles. Not just the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus, but any and all miracles found in the Bible. For example there are the 10 plagues God brought upon Egypt. The second plague was the plague of frogs (Exodus 5:5-15). How could this possibly have happened?

I recently read a news story in my local paper of a real live plague of frogs in Greece. The title read "Flood of frogs shuts down major Greek highway". The story stated that a "horde of frogs" numbering in the "millions" covered a highway near the town of Thessoloniki, Greece. The frogs were so numerous that officials were forced to close the highway because several people had skidded off the road. This "carpet of frogs" occured two days in a row.

Of course I'm not implying God caused this "plague" of frogs in Greece, but it does show that the miracles of the Bible are not so far fetched as some think. God can do anything! That's what makes Him God. Since God created the entire universe out of nothing, then the greatest miracle of all has already occurred. That makes the other miracles of the Bible not only possible but rather easy to believe. Oh by the way, God is still in the miracle business!
Dr. Richard Tompkins

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